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Western Belting Innovations is a Southern California based conveyor belt company founded in 2008 by a father and a family that saw conveyor belting differently.

After leaving his old company in 2008, Hector Bautista Sr. saw an opportunity for growth, and ran with it. From the confines of his garage, a bootstrapped and self-funded project came to fruition.

Fast-forward to 2023, and our dedication to our craft still shines in the quality of our work.

With over 40 years of industry-specific experience, our team at Western Belting Innovations is defined by our expertise in the food industry and our superior personalized service.

Founders of Western Belting Innovations

"Our sales team are experts, when we see a facility, we know exactly what specifications the customer needs."

Hector Bautista Sr.



Challenges and adversity are made to be overcome.

We’ve built our company from the ground up, and there’s a lot left to accomplish. 


We saw an opportunity in our community, and ran with it. 

Our forward-thinking ideas and constant innovation reflect the changing world that surrounds us. 


Our team and company has fought through adversity and rode the highs of success.

One thing never changes, though- and that’s our mindset of constant growth. 


We believe working hard is integral, and we let our work speak for itself. 

Our quality and consistency have been hallmarks of every project we work through. 

Who is Western Belting Innovations?

Western Belting Innovations is an original fabricator of conveyor belts with a focus on the food industry. Since 2008, our personalized approach has been helping businesses choose the best system and the best fit for their needs. Innovation and quality are the cornerstones of all our products.



Building a legacy of quality and innovation.

Founder of Western Belting Innovations


In 2008, Hector Bautista Sr. left his conveyor belting company of 21 years. The same year, in his garage, Western Belting Innovations was founded. Bootstrapped and self-funded, this project became a family-owned powerhouse for all of Southern California’s food and logistics warehouses.

Our team identified the food industry as our niche of expertise, and today we are proud to claim we know all the ins-and outs to ensure the best outcomes for our customers when manufacturing food. From establishing the correct materials, end-treatments and layouts, to advice on a customer’s everyday belt maintenance, Western Belting Innovations provides quality belt fabrication that lasts for years and produces fewer defects. Our expertise in lightweight conveyor belting has helped us carve our identity within the conveyor belting scene. Western Belting is an original fabricator, sells directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and is a recognized reseller of various other quality products.


We believe in quality workmanship and personalized service. 

We are proud of our outstanding workmanship and quality materials sourced from Europe to deliver the best possible solution to your business. No shortcuts are taken, and our conveyor belts are built to last by taking every aspect into consideration.

Having worked with conveyor belts and the food industry all our lives, we pride ourselves on our unique personalized services. The team at Western Belting Innovations works with our clients through consultations and recommendations to offer custom solutions of the highest quality.



Throughout the years, we’ve created an identity of a local fabricator in control of the lead time. Our on-site services and expedited orders are integral parts of our image.

As we look toward the future, we aim to expand our stock, services, and facilities. Our goal is to continue delivering high-quality products and services while maintaining a strong presence in our industry.

 Let’s do it together.
Western Belting Innovations


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